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The growth of the housing market in Sydney has seen a marked increase in the number of people opting for duplex builders in order to create residential properties. This has resulted in an increase in the demand for these kinds of houses, as more people are able to afford the price of these properties. When a person is planning to buy a property in the city of Sydney, they have two main options. These options include purchasing a house in the central Sydney area, or moving to the outer regions of the city by way of a tunnel.

By utilizing the services of reputable and experienced duplex builders, the buyer can enjoy a wide variety of options when choosing the home for their permanent residence. The highest quality of homes that are available in Sydney can be found in the Central City. Located in the heart of the city, this area is home to some of the most luxurious apartments, villas and single-family houses in Sydney. Unlike some other parts of the city, Central City homes boast both townhouses and apartments. By selecting a piece of property in this part of the city, the owner will be able to live in one of the most convenient locations in Sydney.

Other popular areas of the Central Business District boast some of the most luxurious apartments and villas. However, by choosing a property in these areas, the customer will also be able to enjoy some of the most amazing amenities around. For instance, many of these duplex builders in Sydney offer onsite clubhouse and a swimming pool. The onsite clubhouse’s feature an amazing view of the surrounding landscape. Along with these amenities, most of these duplex units also feature the highest quality of home construction and materials available on the market.

duplex builders in Sydney also offer unique homes that are not available to clients living in the traditional suburbs. One example of such a unique property is a condominium in Pyrmont that offers exceptional privacy as well as spectacular views of the nearby Sydney Opera House. This unique home was designed and constructed by award winning architect John James Hardie III. Another amazing addition to the property is Hardie’s lake view garden. With over 16 acres of lush green space, the gardens are perfect for entertaining and hosting events.

A number of the best Sydney luxury builders also have modern duplexes that are perfect for families. These duplexes were designed by award winning architect Peter Segal. Segal is also responsible for the design of the lavish Balaclava residence. With features such as a spa, sauna and rainforest, the residence is truly one of a kind.

Most of the top Sydney home builders have a great deal of experience in constructing luxurious duplexes. For instance, Tranquility has more than 25 years of experience in constructing award winning residential units. The company is very proud of their “no compromise” construction techniques that allow them to create custom duplexes in Sydney, which can be tailored to meet each customer’s needs. The company offers a full selection of luxury duplexes, townhouses and custom lofts, and they can even help you find the perfect location based on your own specifications.

Another option for creating an amazing new home is to contact us today. We offer expert design services for all of your home building needs. Whether you need a penthouse in the city, a luxury condominium in Sydenham or a luxury duplex in Pyrmont, we can make every home design a reality. In fact, many of our clients are also looking to purchase their dream home, but just do not have the time or the budget for it. Because we work closely with our clients, we can help them find the perfect home with the exact amount of space, floor plan and price they are looking for.

For many years, The Real Estate Exchange has been helping people find the high-end homes and luxurious living opportunities that are just out there. Now you can take advantage of the same benefits that so many other people have enjoyed by searching Australia’s premier property websites. Simply contact us today. We will match your current search criteria with the resources of some of the most talented and experienced builders in the country. If you want to create the high-end living space you have always dreamed of, contact us today.